The Rise Of The Cycling Cafe

With a mass of cycling cafes popping up across the UK, they’re fast becoming a popular pit stop for many cyclist when out on their weekend routes. We caught up with Rhys from Feel Good Inc in Pembrokeshire to get his take on the sudden increase in cycling cafes, and what inspired him to start up his.


What made you start up Feel Good Inc and where did the idea come from?

A prime location was made available after being a video hire shop for 25 years. Being smack bang on the Ironman Wales route it was an opportunity we couldn’t resist. Having competed in cycling and triathlon events, I was sick of having nowhere to go before or after to fill water bottles, grab some nutrition or just generally talk all things cycling and triathlon. The town was dead, nothing available for miles so we thought we should give it go.

Do you feel it’s quite a niche market, or is there a wide variety of customers other than athletes?

We specialise in the best coffee around, so we attract more than just cyclist. We have walkers, runners, triathletes, swimmers, OAP’s…the list goes on. Our main custom base on weekends are cyclists though.

Do you find people visit to purchase cycling goods more than anything else?

Coffee is our biggest seller, followed by health smoothies and juices, then nutrition. Many people gather to meet fellow athletes and discuss techniques.

Where can you see the concept of cycling cafés heading over the next few years?

I think as cycling gets bigger by the year, more active cafes will crop up. We have thousands of lonely empty miles that are used by millions of cyclists, the more cafes that are opened the more people will cycle. They go hand in hand really.

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