Professional team Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise bans beards

Sports director Walter Planckaert of Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise, wrote in newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that he was bringing in a ban on beards in the team to maintain “the elegance of cycling”.

Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise regularly compete on Continental Circuits, receiving invitations to compete in the top level ProTour events. However any appearances in the future will leave their riders with chilly faces.

Planckaert wrote: “I’m taking this measure for the elegance of cycling. We are a cycling team, with riders, not motocross riders or rugby players. The snot and the leftover food in the beard of a rider in the middle of the race is dirty.”

The 69-year-old director, who won the Tour of Flanders during his riding career, says that he will still allow riders to show some stubble.


Photo: Imago