Strava expands gym presence

Strava has continued its expansion onto the gym floor with the introduction of a new Gym and Studio Sync function.

The newest addition to the app lets users upload and register their gym exercises and sessions, as well as discover new gyms, studios and fitness routines. Adding gym-based workouts is a new area of interest for Strava, which has so far proven popular with runners and cyclists.

As part of the new integration, Strava has secured partnership deals with two US operators – Flywheel Sports and Life Time. Flywheel is a boutique fitness brand offering indoor cycling and barre classes at 42 studios in the US, while Life Time operates 127 health clubs across the US and Canada.

As a result, workouts at Flywheel and Life Time sites can now be registered on Strava, while Strava users are encouraged to try out the clubs through discounted memberships.

Last year Strava secured a partnership with Peloton, the indoor fitness bike manufacturer which also operates cycling studios. Strava now draws more than 14,000 Peloton activities a week from users who have connected their Peloton accounts with Strava.

James Quarles, Strava CEO, said: “Sports and exercise are integral to the lives of Strava community members, with 76 per cent of them doing activities beyond running or cycling more than three times per week.

“We want to make it easier for them to share all of those workouts on Strava.”

As well as Flywheel and Life Time, Strava has also secured partnership deals with three other companies for the new Gym and Studio Sync service.

LiveRowing is a mobile app for the Concept2 rowing machine, which will allow members using Concept2 equipment to upload their workout directly to Strava.

Expresso, a brand of indoor bikes used at 3,000 gyms, will allow indoor cycling classes and HIIT workouts on Expresso bikes being uploaded directly to Strava.

Fitbod, an app that provides personalised strength training workouts, has also signed up, allowing Fitbod’s 200,000 users to share their exercises.