‘Bicycle blessing’ has become a thing…

A church in Cambridge is holding a bicycle blessing. No, we’re not joking.

Great St Mary’s Church is conducting its very first service for cyclists. A popular practice in the States, the craze for pedal-powered prayer is now seemingly making its way to the UK.

“It’s a way of celebrating cycling in Cambridge,” said Rev Devin McLachlan, associate vicar at the Cambridge University church.

“Cambridge is a unique city in terms of the sheer number of bike users and it’s a chance to bring people together and offer prayer for people who might not normally come to church.”

The service will take place in front of the church at 5.15pm on Sunday, October 15 and is followed by choral evensong, led by great St Mary’s very own girls’ chamber choir – the second oldest choir of its kind in England.

“When we do our prayers we will have a ring of bells instead of the traditional amen,” said the reverend.

Originally from Chicago, Mr McLachlan has been at Great St Mary’s for almost three years. He said the service for cyclists was partly inspired by the ‘blessing of the backpack’, a tradition in America to mark the start of the school year. The event will also pose an opportunity to give some information on safe and responsible cycling.

Mr McLachlan said: “Absolutely everyone is welcome. They can stay for evensong or cycle off (with their bike lights on) after the service.”